Saturday, March 28, 2009

Sooo... Sleepy....

Back in Davis for one day to drop off C, buy groceries, and retrieve the plants in the bottom of our fridge. Then it's off to tour the RV parks of the South Coast. I'm going to bed.

The cat apparently missed us.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Baby Roach Update

We've stopped kidding ourselves- there are definitely MHC loose in the lab. I totally failed to kill one in the half inch range today. Suckers are hard to crush.

SeNor C's found a pirate language filter for Facebook.

I told my boss that I'd definitely get out in the field today, I told myself that I'd totally finish my plant keying, and here I am updating. It's also how I got my taxes done. And read up of the romance of the three kingdoms. The kitchen's still a mess though.

Back from driving Highway 99- all of it, suckers. It's the first time I've done that to any highway longer than 45 miles. The billboards exhort readers to put their almonds in rubber boots "just in case" and to "insure the manure" out of their farm equipment. The other half are in Spanish- they inform the reader that social workers are on your side, that cigarettes will kill your children, that the pediatric wing of the local hospital accepts cash, that "Dulce et decorum est" for the parent to have the remote control, and that joining the military speeds the path to citizenship. Every other car has some sort of agricultural function. The whole thing is like the backstage of California proper- and I find that I'm more comfortable living in ignorance of how the play is done. Also, I couldn't find a grocery store.

I always thought of myself as the kind of girl who would go camping in new and strange places at the drop of a hat- a modern and independant woman held back by every single significant emotional commitment she has ever made. Anyways- that was a lie. I like hotels. I like security. I like sleeping with my legs stretched out. And I hate long drives by myself. The more you know.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Hiatus? What Hiatus?

So yeah, I've been not at all busy. It's putting off doing things that gets these posts written. However, the field season's gearing up- I'm going to be sleeping in my car somewhere in Bakersfield for the next week- and I'm putting off preparing. Wooo!

I thought I'd share some important things I've learned from Facebook.
1.) I should never ever have a conversation with my cousin Matt.
2.) If I have a concersation with my cousin Matt, I should avoid talking about my job, my career, my fiance, my home state, my hobbies, and my favorite foods.
3.) People did marry their high school boyfriends. My mistake.
4.) Apparently lots of reasonable contemporaries have already had children. I need a new excuse for why I'm putting it off.
5.) Those 25 things about me lists? Trouble.
6.) No matter how much you like one of those mini games, someone else will be waaaay more into it than you.
7.) Correlation is not causation.
8.) Suggesting a precariously married person friend their high school boyfriend is not necessarily a good idea.
9.) Some of those guys one would bump into hiding in the bushes in the middle of nowhere, flustered and confused? Not taking drugs. Awkward....
10.) When it turns out that the friend of a friend who endured a great deal of homophobia and abuse in his provincial school system went to your school, you should not tell his friend that no one knew he was gay, and everyone was mean to him because he was a douche.

Feel free to add your own.