Friday, December 26, 2008

Though I'm not the one keeping vermin as pets.

One of my coworkers scavenges bits of apple core and banana for her Hissing Cockroaches. The other day, I was eating a satsuma mandarin. She said
"Oh, hey Jane, can I give some of the peel to the roaches?"
"Um... I... ate it."
"No, no, the peel."
"Yeah, I ate that."
"The peel?"

Thus go my efforts to not seem unduly strange: undermined. By me.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Clearly, I need to reconfigure my wishbone soothsaying

So, that went well. Really well.

Crap, we should have mentioned we planned on getting married. Maybe Christmas.

We were so nice to the waitress that she started warbling near the end with pleasant tip expectations, there were no fights, and it turned out to be a surprise birthday celebration for ME! ME!

Also the waitress totally didn't think we were 21, that was nice.

They brought a cake, with chocolate and chestnuts. I had two small pieces to hide the fact that I plan on having cake three meals a day until it is gone. It's very good cake. I also got one of the sweet sweaters that Jorge always gets- I've been angling for one for years- and Jorge got one too, which I choose to believe is me getting two sweaters.

Also, they liked our apartment. The CLOTU gave me some housekeeping tips- I deflected them to SeƱor C's jobless state, but we all agreed that expecting him to clean was a funny joke and moved on. They also think we have lots of plants.

So my outlaws: probably not zombies bent on destruction. At least not all the time.

And the reference to my birthday is totally a subtle tip for y'all to send me birthday wishes. And cake.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Maybe we should just go to bed.

The Lords of the Undead are coming over tomorrow, so we're doing round seventy billion of unpacking.

I made my third turkey earlier- hacking it up into bits pre selected for their leftover awesomeness. The raw carcass and assorted aged vegetables became broth immediately, the breasts were lightly roasted for sandwiches, the thighs were made into pot pies, and everything else went towards turkey tacos. We're a little sick of the bird.

I picked through the carcass the other day, pulling out bits of meat for enchiladas or soup, and carefully cleaned the wishbone. Today, I held the dry wishbone out to C. We both silently wished tomorrow would go well, and pulled on the wishbone.

The top popped off and fell into the garbage disposal. It's going to be a fantastic visit!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Candy Canes!

I bought 12 candy canes for 50¢ in January. I now find that I have four left. They'll be an excellent (and economical) addition to the Philodendron with Christmas tree lights. Of course, I've managed to eat one while typing this- they are not at all diminished by the eleven month aging process.

A couple of our neighbors have gone all out with the decorations- I feel like we should do something in the spirit of things.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

They eat each other when there's not enough food.

For exactly six ounces of food, pot pies are surprisingly filling.

We had a lab meeting today, at a bar. Everyone got three beers in and started ragging on grad students in other labs. In particular, they were complaining about one dude, who acts like he knows it all, asks irritating questions, and has alienated everyone. They were trying to remember what lab he was in.

Now, I know this dude. He's engaged to an acquaintance of mine. I was sorely tempted to pull out my cell, call her up, and ask her. That would be more alienating though, and my social skills are not at an advantage in their current setting.

They aren't really at advantage after 18 ounces of beer, either. That might explain the full sensation better than the pies.

What else what else. The hissing cockroaches had babies! We found out in the most awesome way possible! Scuttling tiny cockroaches loose on the cockroach table!

The professor came in in the midst of jury rigging the cockroach enclosure to be infant safe. She... doesn't like large insects. She mentioned that she was very glad that the vermin were confined to a cage. My second smart social move of the day was not mentioning the possible escapees. Jane rolls 10s on charisma all day long.

Monday, December 1, 2008


I have no words.

It seems I have blessed a good portion of this meal before.

Turkey leftovers have been whittled down via sandwiches and tacos to just enough for a single meal- so I made mini turkey pot pies. They seems tasty enough that I'm going to turn part of the future turkey- the one in the freezer- into pot pies as well.

I work in the Pomology building- a small but significant job perk is the free fruit boxes every week. This week: flame grapes. I'm holding back from grape-turkey mole pot pies. I think the successful pumpkin pie incident went to my head.