Wednesday, November 28, 2007


Here's a post from before I left my last job. It makes me feel better about my flight.

I spent the day sorting through the herbarium samples and covertly playing Solitaire. It became evident that (Come and get it, Shrunk and White. Three entirely superfluous words.) the Saxifragaceae includes many rare species. That's about it.

Toes of Eden

Senior C is walking me through Rock Band. He thinks my singing is worth cultivating, despite the statements of several music teachers (A population known for their critisism) and pretty much anyone with musical talent who hears me sing. However, love is tonedeaf. This is one more reason why I love him.

As a further note... what sort of childhood makes one incapable of saying "I wish I was special"- I feel compelled to replace it with "I wish I were special" which makes me- you guessed it- special. Or a creep and a weirdo.

Hey, English has one verb with a subjunctive form. We must preserve that.

Monday, November 26, 2007

I am now part of the problem

All right- I've never written a blog entry before, so I am a little self conscious. I don't think I'll bother with this blog for very long either, but I have a lighter work schedule, so why not? Ideally, I'd like to cover a handful of topics here, centering on botany, femminism, and my virulent hatred of video games. (All very similar subjects)

Tonight, my beloved Senor C (O, I am so very American that I can leave the tilde off SeƱor and not have it bother me.) is playing Assasians' Creed- using guerilla violence to drive the infidels out of the holy land and gathering flags. One of his challenges is to avoid brutally murdering a woman who pursues him, begging for coins. In most games, this would be damned easy, but she is so irritating that I want to facestab her.

Speaking of facestabs! Last night my darling baby brother and our friend BJ were fighting with bamboo practice swords, and E managed to smack BJ in the nose for the third time in my fallible memory. There was blood- and BJ reacted with his customary aplomb, insisting that he should have blocked better, even though the briefly discussed rules of hitting eachother with sticks specify no head shots and no crotch shots. I sound like I'm condemning my brother's actions, which isn't really fair- I've never been a twenty year old male in peak physical condition. I imagine the urge to smack people is irresistable. Really, I bring it up so I can include a picture of kitties.